What a time to be alive!

How excited I am! As a geek I’ve been looking on how to survive in the world online, just sitting at my computer for a very long time. Another thing I was looking for was not working.

So, I’m glad to say that I have achieved all those things and entered into rest of my life. I’ve always wanted to learn UFC style fighting, to learn how to use guns, I saw a drone on a store and I thought that would be cool, now I have all the time in the world to do what I want.

All thanks to cryptocurrencies.

Not only that, I didn’t have to deal with any of the things normal that businesses deal:

  1. People
  2. Unreliable people
  3. Changes of laws
  4. No regulations
  5. No loans
  6. Practically no risks
  7. Mostly done from my computer


And I’ll be glad to share the adventures in the crypto world with you.

What I’ve already tried:

  1. MLM matrixes (what a fraud looking back in the day)
  2. Fiverr gigs – was doing ok but only getting pennies
  3. SEO – was doing somewhat ok, google changed their algorithm and my money site plummeted


Many people claim that cryptocurrencies are a bubble, others say “it cannot come from nothing, if it is too good to be true it probably is”. You have to work hard, and sweat like a pig and must take a loan to get a flat or a nice car, don’t you? The more I study this world the more I come to realize that most of the things that are taught as a conventional knowledge are false. People are scorned at when they save money for a flat instead of going to a bank. Cryptocurrencies are scorned at because they render banks useless and make payments much faster. Crypto investors are scorned at and are called a fraud and what they are doing are a child games apparently.

In this blog I will explain as simply as I can:

  1. Why prices of cryptocurrency are rising
  2. Why cryptocurrency is not a bubble
  3. Why cryptocurrency is innovation and is different from everything else before it
  4. What are the greatest ways I know to get a constant income off a crypto
  5. What are the greatest ways I know to bank in big from a crypto
  6. Why some people earn off of crypto and why some don’t
  7. And many other topics in between

So, buckle up your seatbelts boys and girls because we’ll go for a ride 🙂

My blog is for all those ignorant souls that don’t know about crypto yet but would like to find out, with love, aero james.