Best constant income from crypto I know

I want to shortly write on the best constant income stream from cryptocurrencies I know. Masternodes.

Masternode is a special computer that you setup that gets a constant share of money while its on the network performing valuable functions, such as sending instant transactions and mixing people’s money to make their transactions untraceable. Like, specific and most known examples are dash instant send and dash private send.

It may seem from the word masternode that this some special super duper member of the network that exists there because it was assigned by some authority in place. Actually, anyone can host masternodes.

There is usually only one hurdle to host a masternode – getting a collateral amount of coins. Dash requires 1000 coins to host a masternode. At the time of this writing one dash costs 924 dollars so that is nearly a million bucks. Quite a hurdle now.

Surely, today most people will probably not go for dash to get a masternode. There is a very useful site to pick masternodes for buying which is where I pick masternodes to buy.

There are quite a few masternodes you can get for a few thousand bucks, as for starters I’d go for something that costs up to 10k dollars and something that does not have many masternodes yet for better ROI.

I’ll not go into details on how to rent a server and how to setup a masternode, every currency with masternodes option usually provides clear instructions on how to do that.

I will say this though, regarding stable income masternodes are a much better choice than mining. I will explain why below.

Say bitmain creates a mining rig and it usually costs cheap, like a couple thousand bucks. Everyone’s buying it, setting it up and burning their electricity. However, when mining the network issues new coins at a stable, predictable rate. Network issues, say, 100 coins every 10 minutes. If there was one lucky guy mining he would get 100 coins every 10 minutes. However, if nine more people join mining with same mining power the first guy is only getting 10 coins every ten minutes. In short, his profits dropped 90 percent when nine other guys joined.

Masternodes are similar, but there’s one crucial difference. One masternode under same conditions as above would make 100 coins every ten minutes and would make only 10 coins if 9 other masternodes are introduced. However, if coin is yet unpopular and it costs one dollar per coin, and if you need 1000 coins to host a masternode, you could get masternode for a thousand bucks. But, when its price rises, say, hundred times, now one masternode is worth a hundred thousand dollars, unlike miners which cost still only a few thousand dollars regardless of a success of a coin.

So, unlike miners, there is a built in seamless gate which is slowly closing in from more people joining the party and cutting your profits. If you’re an early adopter and you buy a masternode or two while they’re cheap you can sit back and relax knowing you don’t need to keep on buying miners forever to still be relevant in your market share. It will just close, like dash did now one masternode costing about a million while people were buying them for peanuts when they were cheap.

And another benefit is that you technically didn’t buy a masternode. If you get a thousand dash and you host a masternode you keep the dash. You can say tomorrow “I want out” and you still have a thousand dash and can get your million back.

The closest analogy I can think of is a loan, which you lend with interest to a good guy network, which is not even a man. And the person you’re lending to is the best, good guy, wealthiest individual you know, who is:

1. Predictable

2. Always pays you on time

3. Has no interest in screwing you over

4. Will never run out of money

5. Will never be influenced by a third party to do anything to hurt you

So, in short, masternodes are better than mining for constant profits (leaving your job) because:

1. A masternode party will close due to the price, mining will not and it will be harder and harder

2. You get to keep the initial investment once you start and miners that cost thousands now will be irrelevant, unprofitable, useless garbage few years down the road

3. Much easier to manage remote server than a mining farm

So, there you have it, the best thing I know for constant profits out of cryptocurrency, and if you know something better I’d love to read it in the comments 🙂