Why crypto prices are rising

A lot of people today scoff that cryptocurrency is a bubble and will explode and be done soon. There was a media storm ripping on bitcoin as soon as it got its very first glimmers of light in the public. Famous media outlets (whose writers and readers I mostly consider ignorant fools) slam cynical headlines which are similar to “bitcoin is dead”, even when there was no significant impact on the price. Some guy made a video showing all the articles slamming bitcoin from 2011 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hlN2nel5HI (and it’s a high time for a remake of this video).

Ignorant fools often compare bitcoin to a tulip bubble. Yet, there is a huge power behind this movement, far greater than a few people manipulating the market – faith in the project.

Most crypto supporters realize what makes cryptocurrency so great, and I wrote an article on why it is so great and I will not go into detail here.

But you see, the amount of us is increasing. There are more and more people that learn about cryptocurrencies and why they are so great. And you know what someone who realizes cryptocurrency is great will do? Buy it. Look at google trend chart – people who were looking to buy bitcoin vastly exceeded people who were looking to buy gold or stocks, it even outperformed term “buy iphone” at one point.

And it’s no wonder. And you know, once you learn how great and superior cryptocurrency is compared to a fiat paper printed garbage, how can you unlearn it? How can you go back from it? How can you sit behind a wheel of a toyota prius once you’ve driven BMW X6? More and more people realize they are abused by banks and the all the crysis they cause at even a worldwide level, how can you not support cryptocurrency?

But there will always be people, who will trick and blind poor ignorant souls who would love cryptocurrency had they known how it works and why it’s superior. And I’ve known some people, who do understand how crypto works and yet they are against it and they love the status quo. This is not an issue of ignorance but this is an issue of the hate for the ordinary working class. And such scum will speak cynical lies against bitcoin so that people who would love to get it will not get it.

But you know what, it does not matter. We are multiplying. 2017 was the best year for bitcoin and other altcoins so far. And I cannot imagine what will happen by the end of 2018 but I certainly know, there will be more of us, who will be enlightened by the greatness of a cryptocurrency than there was in the beginning of 2018, thus, more people will buy bitcoin, thus it’s price will rise.

So, let me ask you, oh thou ignorant fool, who scoffs at the cryptocurrency, how do you plan on ever convincing this huge mass of people that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not the future once they were enlightened? How do you plan to stop people talking about obviously superior systems which cannot be manipulated? Government regulations? More media propaganda? How do you plan to stop this massive organic growth and massive society awakening fueled by knowledge?

So, in a nutshell, crypto prices are rising simply because more people get educated about bitcoin and how it works, once they know how it works, they realize it’s great, they buy it, because they believe in it. The more people will get educated about cryptocurrency the more its price will rise. And anyone who scoffs at cryptocurrency is either a fool or has his own dirty agenda.

Have a crypto day, Aero James